2010-2019 Dodge Ram OEM Projector LED Conversion kit.

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VisionPRO  P-Series LED Conversion kit that is a true plug & play system for 2010-2019 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 with OEM projector headlamps. These will fit 100% behind the OEM dust covers without clearance issues.

Brighter then OEM Halogen's.  30% Brighter then Phillips Xenon HiD Bulbs.

Installation Guide "CLICK HERE"


30 Day Satisfaction or Refund.

True Hassle free Warranty

2-LED Bulb's with slim driver box "Built in small canbus"



Color: 6500K

Power: 42W

Beam Angle: 270 Degree's

Voltage: 9-22V  ( Will Function with DRL "Daytime Running Lights" )

Adjustable Base: Rotate 360 Degree to get that perfect light output.


Fog Lights- optional upgrades:
M2 Series- 6000 combined Lumens-  Same LED Chip as the F2 series but with no driver. 
F2 Series- 12,000 Combined Lumens   "Max light output on dark roads"  Available in 3,000K "Bright Yellow"

YZ Series- 4000 Combined Lumens with 5 color options.  3000K Golden Yellow for wet/ Snow Road Conditions. 

LED vs Xenon HiD

LED's Never fades, Instant Lighting, Lower Defect Rate.

HiD's Fades, Color not consistent, Sometimes need more accessories to work, higher defect rate.

Anti Flicker Decoder is Additional if needed, "Most Dodge Ram from 2002-2020 will Need this to stop the System from rejecting the lights and causing it to flicker, shutting off along with throwing a error light out on the dash"

"You can always purchase the LED conversion without the LED Decoder and start your engine, you should know in 5 min with the truck running if you need it or not"