About Us

We are VisionPRO Lighting, your #1 Utah Leading Automotive and Recreational Lighting Shop!  VisionPRO has been in business for 12 years and we are expanding every year!  We want our customers to understand the differences between our system and other sellers you see online.  We offer true warranty, tech support and give the best customer service any other online seller would do.


Here at VisionPRO we want to educate our customers on how to spot the quality and service from other online suppliers vs ours.  We are a store front so we get customers coming in daily. We thrive in providing our customers with the best quality as possible or else we would have long lines in the store for low quality products that needs to be warranty out.


Most popular online stores are just an online base company ONLY.  Shopping on popular site such as Ebay and Amazon from what we see is that they offer 1 year to lifetime warranty but in reality after 30 days you will not be able to get a hold of them or start a dispute to get your money back.

Our mission is to save you the hassle of dealing with defective items and purchasing the wrong system.  Choose VisionPRO your #1 source for high quality Lighting and accessories.