94-2001 Dodge Ram RGB ColorShift Halo's

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VisionPRO Fitted Dodge Ram 94-2001 "Early 2002" RGB Color Changing Halo's.  Choose over 100 colors and customize your lights. 

  • Strobe, Flash, Fade, Breath mode
  • Bluetooth Controller Available.  "IOS/Android"
  • 2x Fitted Halo's.

You will need to bake your existing or new lamps to install these lights.  Recommendation depending on the lamps you're using. 

  1. Pr-heat oven to 225 degrees
  2. Bake each headlamps for 10-15 min
  3. Separate lens from headlamps.  "you may bake for an additional 5 min at a time to ease separating the lens.
  4. Epoxy glue Halo to headlamps
  5. Use all weather black silicone to seal lens back up.
  6. Let silicone settle for 24 hours before installing.

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