Tacoma LED Headlights 2016-2021

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VisionPRO Super Bright LED Conversion kit for 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma.  100% Plug & Play within minutes... Seriously, like 5 minutes!   Designed specifically to fit inside the projector style lamps without ruining the cutoff lines or lighting output.
VisionPro redesigned & upgraded M3, F3s Series LED Conversion system.  M3 has now replaced the M2 Series with a built in driver box for more performance, fanless design for reliability and offroad used "Best for fog lamps that will have mud and snow build up"
F3s has replaced the popular F2 series with a smaller design, ball bearing fan for more cooling and reliability.
M3 rated at 6000 Lumens
F3s rated at 14000 Lumens
OLD Rating:
M2- 3000 Lumens
F2 - 12000 Lumens

Included in each kit: 2 LED Bulbs, you'll need a kit for Low Beams, High Beams, Fog Lights.  3 kits to complete all 3 setups.

Bulb Size is H11 for Low Beams, High Beams, Fog Lamps.  All bulbs are interchangeable. "Note-H11, H9, H8 are all the same bulbs"

TacomaBeast/ Spyder Auto headlamps may take a H7 or H1 bulb size, please consult with us to get the proper set up.  High Performance P-Series

30 day satisfaction guaranteed or a refund.

Fog Lights- optional upgrades:
M3- Mid Grade Performance, fanless, 6000 Lumen.
F3s- High Performance, 14000 Lumen.
YZ- fanless, color covers including Yellow, 4000 Lumen.
7S- High Performance, fanless,  color covers including Yellow, 12000 Lumen.
F2- Bright Yellow, 1 color option, 12000 Lumen.

"Tacoma Below with F2 Series Headlights & Fog"
"Tacoma below with M2 Series Headlights and Fog"
"4Runner Below with M2 Headlights and YZ Series Fog"